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WHY choose Popular Ag Finance?

  1. We use secondary market and wholesale lending capital so we have no capital restraints.  Has your local bank limited your borrowing ability or loan size?

  2. Our interest rates are incredibly competitive and usually average about 1% lower than most local banks.  Frustrated with your current interest rate?

  3. Our loans have no prepayment penalties.  We often find that new borrowers come to us and must then pay a penalty to their existing lender to refinance.  We have a simple philosophy:  "If we provide a competitive rate and exceptional service our borrowers will have no reason to leave".

  4. We use Market Value balance sheets giving you credit for 100% of the value of your assets unlike other national groups.  Frustrated with your current lender limiting your borrowing ability?

  5. We use local appraisers and local title companies so you can trust our loan process.

  6. We can often finance 100% of the purchase price of a new acquisition using existing equity from your current property.

Success Stories


Don, a mid-west farmer was frustrated by his local bank who did not want to continue to lend due to internal restrictions.  PCLG was able to overcome multiple issues including pending litigation with a local pipeline company to close a $2.8 million cash-out refinance and deliver a 3.75% 5 year fixed interest rate.


Ken, a mid-west rancher was frustrated by his national lender Farm Credit who did not use Market Value balance sheets.  He had tried to grow his operation each year for the last three years and each year he was denied due to lack of balance sheet assets.  FC was only giving Ken credit for $1.4 million on real estate value which PCLG valued at $2.7 million.  PCLG was able to close a $1 million cash out refinance at 3.75% 5 year fixed giving Ken the additional growth capital needed.


David, a western states rancher had multiple loans at higher rates and needed additional expansion capital to increase his retail/wholesale grass fed cattle business.  PCLG was able to close a $960,000 15 year fixed cash out refinance providing the borrower with a 5.15% 15 year fixed interest rate and over $100,000 cash out at closing to provide much needed expansion capital.


John, a mid-west farmer was in a foreclosure process and needed cash to operate his dry farm.  PCLG was able to structure a sale/leaseback of a portion of agricultural land to prevent the farmer from losing the asset and provided $500K cash for operating capital.  The sale/leaseback offers a buyback option enabling John to repair his credit and finacials over the next 2-3 years then buyback the property.

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